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Enumeration Role​Entity.​Supported​Role

public enum SupportedRole
RoleEntity.SupportedRole RoleEntity.SupportedRole String String RoleEntity.SupportedRole->String

Member Of


Conforms To


Enumeration Cases


case roleSystemAdmin
  • Those users are used by VipaHelda. This role represents most priveleged users (system admins).


case roleSystemSales
  • VipaHelda users who manage sales of product.


case roleSystemFinance
  • VipaHelda users who manages finance / payments.


case roleCompanyManager
  • This kind of users are Company's users.

  • Company Manager is most priveleged user who can create (manage) internal Company Employees.

  • Company Managers uses 3DE app to create / edit Company Catalogs.


case roleCompanyEmployee
  • Company Employee who visits clients of company and make orders (based on clients wishes).

  • Company Employee uses IPD app to construct scene and then make (publish) an Order.


case roleCompanyAuthToken
  • Company Auth Token role - used in B2C mode. Each Company may have own auth token to pass athorization in SDK.

  • This kind of authorization doesn't require company users authorizatin then.

  • Permissions for such kind of authorized session are the same like for ROLE_COMPANY_EMPLOYEE.